Our Services

Kuramo Capital’s sole objective is to capture the tremendous growth opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa for a select group of institutional and high net-worth investors. We are committed to offering our strategic partners a broad range of approaches to access the opportunity including investment in diversified multi-asset class funds of funds, co-investments opportunities and separately managed accounts as well as strategic advice as they build out their sub-Saharan Africa portfolio.

Hybrid Funds of Funds

Kuramo Capital believes the growth underway in sub-Saharan Africa economies and, more importantly, in the major themes resulting from favorable demographics can only be fully captured by a multi-asset class approach that deploys capital in both private and public investment strategies. Within private investments, Kuramo will focus on the smaller regional or sector managers and we will deploy assets into primary commitments in local private equity funds, secondary transactions and direct investments.


Kuramo Capital will offer co-investments to its clients interested in a direct exposure to private companies or local funds in sub-Saharan Africa. Kuramo is highly committed to providing its clients detailed information for their decision making process (including but not limited to a full-fledged investment memorandum following detailed due diligence) and customized quarterly reporting after the investment.

Managed Accounts

For larger sophisticated investors with specific investment needs, we have the ability to design tailored and separate managed accounts as needed. We are constantly committed to meeting our clients’ needs, including risk profiles and liquidity constraints, and range of geographical or sector exposure choices.

Research and Advisory

For our strategic partners we provide White Papers on various topics that capture the nuances of investing in sub-Saharan Africa and the evolution of investments in different asset classes as well as deep dive into various sectors such as; power, agriculture, and technology. Kuramo is committed sharing strategic advice and insight with its strategic partners to build out a broader sub-Saharan Africa portfolio outside of Kuramo’s funds through an open relationship that includes sharing of information and research.