About Kuramo Capital Managament

Championing Private Commercial Capital into Africa

Championing Private Commercial Capital into Africa

Kuramo Capital Management was founded in 2010 as a vehicle to provide institutional investors access to the tremendous investment opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa. The word “Kuramo” holds significant meaning as it marks the landing site of the first foreign “visitors” in Nigeria, West Africa. Ten years later, Kuramo has redefined the landscape of private equity in Africa, with nearly $500 million under management. Kuramo has helped catalyze nearly $3 billion to African private equity firms and businesses. We are the leading conduit for private institutional capital into Africa. Learn about our Investment Strategies and Philosophies!

Our Vision

Shared prosperity through catalyzing commercial capital for Africa’s growth.

Our Mission

Leveraging our extensive networks to attract significant commercial capital and know-how to accomplished indigenous entrepreneurs building fast-growing businesses that will add value for our investors and provide significant positive outcomes to our communities.