Explore Our Fund Investments

Explore Our Fund Investments

Zebu Investment Partners: African Food Security Fund

Medu Capital: Medu III International Partnership

Cepheus: Cepheus Growth Capital Fund I

Echo VC: Echo VC Pan-Africa Fund I

Adiwale Partners: Adiwale Fund I

Explore S.A.: African Minerals Exploration and Development Fund II

ACA: Capital Alliance Private Equity III (CAPE III), Capital Alliance Private Equity IV (CAPE IV)

Adenia Partners: Adenia III

Consonance: Consonance Kuramo Africa Special Opportunities Fund I

Verod Capital: Verod Capital Growth Fund II, Verod Capital Growth Fund III

Schulze Global Investments: Schulze Global Ethiopia Growth and Transformation Fund I

Helios Investment Partners: Helios Investors II

Synergy Capital Managers: Synergy Private Equity Fund, Synergy Private Equity Fund II

Africa Capital Works: Africa Capitalworks Holdings

Uhuru Partner Limited: Uhuru Growth Fund I

Catalyst Principal Partners: Catalyst Fund I

Cardinal Stone: CardinalStone Capital Advisers Growth Fund